Yoga for Runners – Standing Forward Fold

Nari Standing Forward FoldStretches: Mainly hamstrings. Also calves, knee flexors, hips and lower back.

Contraindications: Low back or hamstring injuries. Late term pregnancy. High blood pressure.

Main Focus: Spinal length. The rest of the lengthening through the back body will come with practice.

As runners we get used to a certain degree of soreness, to muscle tightness, we stop noticing minor aches and pains. And while some of the time this is innocuous, small aches can lead to misalignments while we run, which can then lead to major issues. This is why stretching is so critical to us.

Hamstring tightness can cause lower back pain, knee joint inflammation, and even foot injuries. So consider the time you spend on hamstring stretches an investment into your running future. Follow my cues below for Standing Forward Fold, one of the most effective hamstring stretches, and OM to your PR. Read more for aligment cues and modifications.