Yoga for Runners – Boat Pose

Strengthens: Abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and spine.Nari Navasana

Contraindications: Low back or neck injury. Late term pregnancy.

Main Focus: Balance on the “tripod” of the sitting bones and the tailbone, lifting the torso and the legs up. This will ensure correct alignment, and protect your lower back.

There is one thing runners love to do, and that is running. But to keep doing it for a long time, keep ourselves injury free, and get faster and better, we know we need to cross-train. A strong core is vital for a good running form, healthy biomechanics to prevent overuse injuries, and improvement in performance.

Boat pose gets deep into your core, strengthens the hip flexors, and can be customized to work your obliques as well. Follow my cues below, modify to make this posture more accessible, or consider challenging yourself with Boat Pose Twists, and OM to your PR. Read more for aligment cues and modifications.