“I am not a hard core runner. My default routine is to run 3 to 4 miles twice a week, cross-train 2 or 3 times a week and do yoga once or twice a week. Last year I decided to run my first 1/2 marathon. I added a long run to my weekly routine and signed up for Nari’s Yoga for runners workshop. The latter became a key element to my success during the training period and on race day. Each class with Nari focused on the strengthening and stretching of a different muscle group and offered a variety of ways to do so. I learned several new poses and many variations on familiar ones. I learned to fine tune each pose to take full advantage of the stretching it provides. I learned many tips and above all I learned to really pay attention to what felt good and what my body needed. Before long, I started to incorporate Nari’s teachings in my after-run stretching routine and on the yoga mat during regular yoga classes. As my body loosened my runs became more pleasurable (or less painful depending on the day) and I was able to accurately diagnose and immediately address any discomfort I experienced. Nari was also a big inspiration to me throughout this journey. She understands the hard work done by runners and offered the perfect blend of support and compassion I needed to fuel my efforts. I highly recommend her workshop; I am convinced it can help novice or experienced runners alike.”

– Brigitte B.

“I recently had the pleasure of taking Nari’s Yoga for Runners 6 week course and am glad I did. I found Nari to be knowledgeable of both running and Yoga, but had a real down to earth knack for putting it all together in a concise, informative but fun manner. Her class is more a teaching environment than a typical Yoga class but that was what I wanted. I have incorporated many of the techniques I learned from Nari in my day to day training and have now pushed my mileage to an average of 50 miles per week (something I’ve never done before without injury and I’m running better than ever). I’m currently training for a 50K race and a Marathon, and I attribute much of my new found success as a direct result of some of her techniques. I’m 63 years old and have been running for 37 years so I’m not new to the show but I learned a lot that has really helped me and you will too.”

– John A.

“I am a new runner, definitely caught the bug, and naturally wanted to fully immerse myself and learn everything I could in order to improve and further my new passion. Nari’s 6 week Yoga for Runners series was an enlightening experience and helped me realize how my yoga practice can complement my running. Over the 6 weeks we not only worked on a variety of poses that help stretch and strengthen all the runner hot spots but also covered breathing techniques, balance, the importance of core strength and good form, injury prevention and more. Two of my biggest take aways were the importance of balance when stretching –for example countering pigeon pose with frog pose; and the idea of bringing the awareness that yoga gives you on the mat and taking that on your runs. I did not yet realize the impact the 6 week series really had on me until I attended the Om to your PR clinic with Nari & Marcus; the combination that day of all the major points of Nari’s Yoga for Runners series along with the running drills and form instruction from Marcus had a colossal impact on me. I immediately put everything we were exposed to in the clinic to use in my day to day training and found great improvement right away. I carry the lessons with me each time I run now and feel so fortunate to have experienced the joy and exuberance Nari and Marcus bring to their teaching. I can’t wait to continue my journey and hope to continue to learn and grow and experience more of where yoga and running can take me by following their lead…”

– Lisa M.

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