My Favorite Things

Time of Day – Dawn
Way to Start the Day – Running, Surya Namaskar, and inversions
Snacks – Apples and Trader Joe’s raw crunchy almond butter
Place to EatLife Alive in Cambridge, Diesel Cafe in Somerville
Running RouteMinuteman National Historic Park in Concord
Running ShoesNewton Running Kismet II’s (my pink ones are so snazzy!)
Posture – Lizard to open my tight runner’s hips, and once the hips are open, Flying Pigeon to realize my childhood dreams of flying
StudioSamara Yoga in Davis Square, Somerville
Local Teachers Rachel Barringer and Andrea Fotopoulos at Samara Yoga
BodyworkerNicole Clark
Best Inspiration – Looking back at the path I’ve walked thus far, and realizing what incredible adventures must lay ahead
Favorite Travel Destination – home to Yerevan, Armenia; and to the volcanos, beaches, and colonial glory of Nicaragua where I go yearly to build with Habitat for Humanity

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