Nari Wide Legged Forward Fold 1I began my yoga journey over 10 years ago when I first stepped on the mat seeking an escape from the stresses of my daily life. My practice gave me that and so much more.  It made me feel more connected to life and to my true self.  It gave me a newfound awareness and appreciation of myself and the world around me.

I received my RYT 200 training from Inner Power Yoga in Northern Virginia, and have had the good fortune to practice with teachers such as Schuyler Grant and Isauro Fernandez.  I am also greatly indebted to my mentor, Nicole Clark, who continues to teach me the healing power of touch.  My teaching is inspired by the precision of Iyengar and fueled by the natural marriage of body and mind found in the flowing movement of Vinyasa.

To me yoga meets you where you are each day rather than where you wish you could be.  It gives you space in your body and mind allowing you to find a sense of peace.  My intention is to teach with compassion, making yoga practice accessible to students at all levels, while encouraging them to challenge their limits and discover their own possibilities.

Outside of my yoga practice, I am a vegan, a traveller, and a runner, inspired by exploring the other side of my limits.

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