A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way

As I crossed the finish line of my last 5K race in just over 25 minutes, I thought back to a not very remote past when I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping.  Then the miles crept up on me as I checked races of different distances off my bucket list, including a marathon.  Somewhere along the way I started getting faster.  

It wasn’t necessarily that I was trying all that hard to be a faster runner, which, I suppose, made me a junk runner in the first place.  But what I love so much more is the process rather than the outcome (even though shiny medals are kind of cool).  And it’s this love that makes me committed to and consistent with my running practice: for better or worse, in rain, humidity, or heat, till stomach cramps part us…

Yoga, in the very same way, is a practice of commitment and consistency.  Peace of mind comes from finding a few moments of quiet and meditation to start the day, rather than abandoning everything and taking to the mountains.  Muscles grow stronger and more supple from a few minutes every day rather than one vigorous workshop.  20 minutes of Sun Salutations in the morning, before you even reach for your phone and start checking emails, can make all the difference in how you live the next 12 hours.  And slowly the moments of practice will add up, and all the benefits will come with it.

Growth doesn’t come from a torrential downpour, but from watering your budding practice a little bit every day, and not letting it dry up. 

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