Yoga Doesn’t Take Time, It Makes Time

Nari Low Lunge Giggles

Sometime life sneaks up on me: my projects are due at work, I’m having to pick out clothes based on the sniff test, I have to piece together and run through a sequence for Saturday morning, and I have already started to preemptively dread my long run on Sunday.

But I promise that once everything is squared away, once I have solved every problem and answered every question, I will get on my mat and practice.

Days pass and to-do lists get longer. And next thing I know, instead of practicing, I have spent a lot of time practicing thinking about practicing.

Sometimes done is better than perfect. And that’s all the more true when it comes to practicing yoga during busy times. Forget about lists, about plans. Don’t question why you should it, or whether you can make time for it. Unfold your mat and take a leap of faith.

Just like that, Friday nights have become my nights to practice. No matter what else is going on, I roll out my mat at the studio. I turn the page on my workweek, but don’t start the next chapter of my weekend plans just yet. I empty my cup of and allow my practice to fill it. And I haven’t regretted showing up on my mat yet.

The clarity that follows magically sorts out the plans and the lists. Sometimes it helps me find solutions, but more often than not, it helps me feel more comfortable with having unanswered question. And more importantly, it helps me find time to show up on my mat again the next day.

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